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A time to formulate new perspectives and think about next steps in life

Regeneration stays

What can regeneration be? Does it mean a phase of relaxation and reaching the state of well-being we had before being hit by tiredness, lack of energy or exhaustion?
We know the experience of feeling strengthened after a few days of vacation and relaxation but when we enter our daily commitments again, the new strength generated disappears in a few days.
We need to develop new strengths and a fundamental stability in one's person, in one's self to face the growing challenges in work, relationships and in general of our times. The possibilities of breaking habits favor subsequent steps in individual development and lead to reinforcement that is not limited to "recharging the batteries". Participation in healthily prepared meals and collaboration in the Villa's activities are further elements for regeneration.
Despite being only 10 minutes from the center of Novi Ligure, Villa Angela is surrounded by incredibly peaceful nature.

Guests can participate in various activities in a rhythmic manner: Yoga with
artistic references and possibilities for physical and mental strengthening, various exercises with the possibility of approaching meditative work, study of texts, but
also very practical manual work in the garden, in the vegetarian-organic cuisine and renovation activities of the interior spaces of the Villa.
In particular, it is possible to do real internships in organic-healthy cooking.
Villa Angela has several single, double or multi-bed rooms, some of which have already been redesigned.



The regeneration period can last a few days, but also a few weeks or months.

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