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Appuntamenti Cullinari

Every time we eat, we come into contact with nature and its forces. Harmoniously grown plants, harvested at full maturity, offer profound health value that reaches down to the individual cells with its subtle warmth.

There are also many ways to add healthy qualities when preparing food. The more we know about foods, spices and above all suitable ideas, the more it becomes child's play and a joy to create tasty and varied dishes with few, economical ingredients.

Food connects us intimately with nature, the forces of the cosmos, and the people who grow and provide it.


In the scheduled meetings we will talk about a lot of practical knowledge and precious new ideas that will elevate cooking to a harmonious and healing activity and will make us imagine it in its possible dimension.

Forme e colori nel cibo 


To inspiring vegetarian dinners

for simple, lively and varied cuisine 


every Friday from 7.30pm – 9.00pm

starting Friday 13 October 2023


During dinners there is space to talk about the health value of varying food, how to use spices and aromatic herbs, sugar-free desserts and other interesting topics.

At lunches  convivial

for simple, lively and varied cuisine

Every day from Monday to Friday every Friday from 1.30pm – 2.30pm

During lunch  there is space to talk about the health value of varying food and share interesting conversations. 

With Sigrid Konigseder

nutrition expert, graduated in social pedagogy

to register: 348-409 88 03

Free participation

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