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Man finds himself in the middle of a great polarity: on the one hand material life,  terrestrial, daily life with its numerous requests, pressures, needs and tensions, on the other the spiritual world, the world of thought, with which we can elevate ourselves and live in large, true and luminous spaces. The in-depth study of contents and themes offers us the possibility of broadening our awareness, and gradually introducing "the new" into life and realizing in this sense our noblest self.

Article by Heinz Grill

May 2023

In old medical diagnoses a distinction was made between endogenous and reactive depression. The first form is strongly rooted in a genetic predisposition and spans long periods of life. The second form, however, is often induced by temporary external influences or derives from stressful situations related to individual life. Nowadays medicine, in most cases, is limited to distinguishing only the severity of depression and the complications that accompany it.

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