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Summer camp 2024
3 weeks:
17-21 and 24-28 June
July 1-5

For children aged 4 to 14 years

Image by Nick Fewings

Summer camp organized by Progetto Leonardo

The Leonardo Project

For twenty years, in Novi Ligure, he has been organizing summer camps in nature with teachers who have Steiner-Waldorf training.

The summer camp | Leonardo Cultural Association (

An unforgettable week dedicated to children, nature and art.
The summer camp is organized by Progetto Leonardo, an anthroposophical oriented association

The purity of nature offers children the opportunity to regain joy and carefreeness. They still experience wonder at small things, they know how to look at them with attention and deep interest; this is why it makes profound sense to surround children with the pristine beauty of nature, the sunlight and the shade of large oak trees.


To grow up carefree, children need serene environments, simple spaces in which songs from all nations and flute melodies can resonate while artistic and craft activities are carried out.


We will have three donkeys and a horse nearby. We will dedicate ourselves to them, caressing them, feeding them and enjoying each other's closeness. Animals love children and they love animals.

Two groups   divided by age:
from 4 to 7 years and from 8 to 14

In nature a stone's throw from Novi Ligure (Al)

Villa Angela is an ancient manor house a stone's throw from the center of Novi Ligure. It is immersed in a park with centuries-old trees, surrounded by woods and cultivated fields


At Villa Angela, Via Rocca Sparviera 18

Wellbeing | Villa Angela | Novi Ligure


Monday - Tuesday: 8:00 - 15:30



  • €100 1 week

  • €180 2 weeks

  • €240 3 weeks

  • 10% discount for registrations by March 31st

  • Further reduction of 10% for the second child

What you need to bring in your backpack:

the water bottle, a packed lunch (with little packaging), sandals.


What children should wear:

country clothes, sun hat and closed shoes.


The teachers:

Caterina Rossi Cairo, a teacher in the Leonardo Project which she helped found 20 years ago, has 4 children. He loves nature, knows wild herbs. He did the Waldorf teacher training course. Teaches Yoga to adults.

  • Elena Dean: she is 20 years old and attended the Steiner school in Novi Ligure and later in Milan. She loves nature, animals and children very much.

The teachers

We are Caterina Lisa and Tom, we have different talents and skills that we wish to use together to organize a week full of opportunities for profound encounters and constructive relationships.

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