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Image by Charlein Gracia

The greatest possibilities open up when man acquires the ability to know and guide his own creative force.

We want to learn how to shape life creatively. The days will be spent in such a way that each of us can develop new strengths, abilities and potential.

The main languages will be English, German and Italian...

Summer 2024
From 19th to 25th August

There is no age limit. It will be a week dedicated to meeting, with philosophical themes and art and to creative realization.

Villa Angela will welcome young people, adults and families, offering the opportunity to participate in a week in which each of us will be able to engage in artistic and artisanal activities. Immersed in an enchanting space. Villa Angela offers differentiated spaces in nature: the shade of walnut trees, walks in the woods and wheat fields, green areas and wild flower borders.

There is the possibility of staying in simple rooms with an enchanting view of the valley. Anyone who wants can bring their tent and camp in the garden.

The meals will be prepared together, they will be vegetarian and based on local and organic products.

In the 2024 camp we will have the possibility to host up to 40 people

Structure of the days

Structure of the day


Yoga for adults 8.15am

Shared breakfast 9:00

10:00-12:30 Art and craft workshops for children and adults

Shared lunch 1pm

3.00pm-5.00pm Art and craft workshops for children and adults

7pm dinner

8.30pm philosophical conversations for adults

What we will do?